Monday, May 25, 2009

Circuit training – This concept can probably be misleading to a lot of people.

Circuit training – This concept can probably be misleading to a lot of people. Only because for some circuit training means – Pain and a lot of exhaustion, physical as well as mental! That said, Webmaster completely redefines this thought by providing a program that has a process based physical conditioning plan.

In this program, individuals move from one exercise station to another without taking a rest in between. With every station designed differently, you know of having your body to undergo a challenging situation every time.

And thus, you have discovered a new and an efficient way of increasing the intensity of your workouts. This is an ideal circuit training environment, which can be tailored as per your needs. You could work on 2-3 belly fat exercises or extend this up to 20 exercises to complete your circuit training model.

You could set up a resistance based station or even have a running station if you like. You must ensure of one thing if you wish circuit training to be successful – Go through all the stations before taking some rest. If your circuit training activity is rather strenuous and long, you could look at taking a longer break too.

HARD BODY CONSTRUCTION is the way how you could test the limits of your body. Remember, the idea of you testing out what you always wanted is no fun. Move yourself towards exertion and you will find that your body shapes up rather nicely.


Steps to take during menopause changes

One of the first things you should know about menopause is the eternal truth – It does change things around. Quite a few people get overwhelmed by the prospect of change in their body functions, but in reality, there is nothing to be scared of. Enough information on your hands will help you in managing this change.

Menopause weight gain is a time when things start getting difficult for women, what with the multitude of changes in their life. If you are a woman, trust us, this time could come repeating quite often, whether you want it or not. Arm yourself by knowing first what could be the changes in your life. This will be step 1 in saying, “This time is just for a week”.

Of course, your mood swings will be on a higher scale much like the weather in New England. You can experience dryness in your vagina. Sleep disturbances and a possible decrease of libido levels cannot be ruled out. You can also have dry eyes. These are just some changes that your body may undergo during menopause weight gain.

This is really where all the bad news ends. The good news is – Most of these symptoms are temporary in nature. They can be controlled provided you take a doctor’s advice and follow the steps of treating these symptoms. As mentioned, menopause symptoms are never life threatening symptoms, if you decide you don’t want them to be so.

Remember, menopause weight gain is something that only stays with you for some time. Read some popular menopause help sites to equip with information.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be cautious when using acai berries for weight loss

With the increasing popularity of Acai Berry, people have started asking if it really helps in weight loss. Acai berry does have natural appetite suppressants which help in weight loss, plus it is also a good source of antioxidants. But studies say that Acai berry should be taken along with a well balanced diet and regular exercise.

Acai berry helps to digest you food easily has it contains a lot of fiber. Also it contains natural chemicals that strengthens the metabolism and speeds up its process. All this is required to help in reducing weight.

Acai Berry as a fruit is not available in every country due to its fragile nature. But you do get them in form of supplements, juices, shakes and bars so you can take advantage of its benefits. These are available easily across Europe, South America and the US.

This fruit helps reduce weight but does not have any magical portion. It is only a natural and healthy resource to weight loss. Therefore, for best results, it’s important you exercise regularly and have a well balanced meal along with Acai berries. These supplements do contain some amount of calories so adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

Acai Berries will only boost your metabolism to reduce weight but that does not mean that you can have anything you want and expect Acai berry to work like magic!

No more midnight snacks!

It is a very common thing and most of you will agree to it that it’s far easier to eat and enjoy your food you love than to stay away from it and diet. All good things are difficult to achieve while you have easy access to everything that can cause you harm.

How easy it is to go to your favorite fast food joint and order an extra large fries and burger with soda and ice cream? On the other hand, you’ll take hours to force yourself to eat a bowl of fresh, green salad.

This is the reason why we gain weight easily but take so long to lose those rigid fats. And the hard work that goes into losing those extra pounds is even more frustrating and tiring. We think that it’s ok to eat what we want now, and can later exercise and go on a diet for a week to shed those extra pounds. But it’s not that easy as it sounds.

Recent studies have revealed that our body takes a long time to adjust to a new dieting module, but it can be permanent provided you are committed to your new module.

The other issue of gaining weight easily is the easy access of fast food. You can find a fast food joint at every street corner. We have such hectic work schedules today that we don’t find the time to complete our tasks in 24 hours, let alone spending time with our family, eat and even cook.

So we resort to fast food which is undoubtedly the unhealthiest food for our body. It’s easy to snack in our spare time but we don’t realize its adverse implications.

So the best way to avoid fast food is to carry a fruit with you and look into trying a system like the skinny switch secret.

So whenever you are hungry you can munch on a fresh fruit which is a healthy snack. You need to be motivated to stick to this module, so set a target for yourself and motivate yourself to achieve it.

Once you start with a healthy eating habit by utilizing belly fat exercises, you will not even remember what you have given up!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Be careful when you try extreme weight loss

People are getting desperate to lose water weight as soon as possible by taking extreme measures in weight loss. There are many weight loss programs that do recommend extreme diet plans to reduce about 10 to 20 pounds in just 30 days.

Sounds alarming, but its true! The extreme weight loss method given here is for informational purpose and you should consult your physician before adopting this extreme weight loss method.

“Apple Peel Diet” is one such weight loss program that helps in reducing weight drastically in just 1 month. But why apple peel? Well, apple peel contains a chemical that has the ability to clean out harmful toxins from your body which helps in losing weight. However, imagine eating only apple peels for a month! It’s quite difficult. But people have tried this out and been successful.

Some people have also tried out intensive exercise regime along with the Apple Peel Diet. So they were on a 500 calorie diet plus exercise, which resulted in drastic weight loss. But keep in mind that these are extreme measures and not very healthy for your body.

You cannot subject your body to such extreme methods without consulting a health expert.

But people who were determined to find the fastest way to lose weight quickly followed this method and have succeeded.

So this is one of the extreme weight loss secrets that you could try out if you really want to lose weight for your high school reunion party! But only after consulting your physician or a nutrition expert!


How effective is the acai berry supplement?

There are so many products available in the market today that have anti-oxidant abilities. Product such as vitamin infused water, fruit shakes and energy boosters are some of the products that contain antioxidant agents to promote good health.

But what are antioxidants? We breathe in oxygen in order to live but the oxygen that we take in from our environment is not completely pure, therefore we inhale many impurities along with the oxygen that weakens our blood cells and affect our immune system.

But this is unavoidable as breathing is a necessary and natural process. But we can reduce the oxidative damage to our cells by consuming food that contains high antioxidants. Many dieticians and health experts suggest pomegranates and blue berries as they are rich in antioxidants and reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

But of lately, many nutrition experts and health conscious people including many celebrities have started introducing Acai Berry fruit in their diet. Acai Berry is a wonder fruit grown only in the swamps of the Amazon. More over the USDA as also affirmed that this fruit has the highest antioxidant abilities. This fruit has the quality to strengthen resistance power and help in reducing heart diseases.

And the best quality of Acai Berry is that it contains natural appetite suppressant hence it promotes fast and natural weight loss. It also helps in reducing extra fats and sugar levels in the body. It also contains amino acids which help in muscle development which burns out excess fat and avoids unnecessary storage of unhealthy fats.

Unfortunately, this wonder fruit with so many qualities and benefits is very fragile so it cannot be exported to all the countries. But people can definitely take advantage of Acai Berry by consuming Acai berry products which are available in most of the countries.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Surprising results when you compare acai extreme vs acai burn

Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are both weight loss supplements which contain the popular fruit extract of Acai Berry. This fruit is well-know for its antioxidant qualities which help in reducing weight. Both Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are almost similar when it comes to their features and popularity, but still have few differences.

· Effectiveness: Both the products contain Acai extracts and any product having Acai extracts are considered to be number one weight loss supplements. Both these products have ample amount of Acai extract which helps in expediting the weight loss process.

· Results: It terms of results and time-frame, Acai Burn is better than Acai extreme. Acai Burn takes only three days to show the initial results whereas Acai Extreme takes around a week. But when both these products are widely popular and far better than the other weight loss supplements as their results are anytime faster than any other products that take around a month to give the initial result.

· Ingredients: Acai Burn contains natural appetite suppressant and energy boosters which help in giving faster results than Acai Extreme. On the other hand, Acai Extreme includes magnesium and silicon which have not shown proven results for weight loss. That’s the reason why it takes longer to show the initial results.

Both Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are much better products that any other weight loss supplements in the market.

But with the comparison between the two, we now know which one is a better product for effective weight loss is.

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Can sit ups really help flatten your belly?

The most common belly fat exercises done for losing weight is sit-ups. There are different types of sit ups which work on specific abdominal muscles.

You can use addition al weight to do sit ups, as per your convenience. There is a common belief that one has to increase his sit up, if there is no weight loss.

But the truth is that sit ups do very little against weight. As per the studies conducted, sit ups helps in building the mid-section if the body and does very little weight loss.

To achieve the "washboard" abs professional have been working with sit-ups for a long time. They do help you build a great abdominal section of the body.

The common issue is that people who are fat cover their abs with fats.

A perfect "washboard" abs can be of no use if they are cover with a huge layer of fats. And a person with lean body needs to sit-ups as he already has nice looking abs.

Now sit-ups do increase the metabolism rate as there are muscles that are build up. And the amount of metabolism is directly propositional to the amount of fats burnt.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's going on with negative calorie foods?

All the food that you eat during the day contain some or the other calories, but there are some that are considered as negative calorie foods because of their overall affect on the body. To start with these foods use more caloric energy to eat than what actually they contain. As it is difficult to break down and process the calories from these foods as a result the body has to work harder to digest them so burning more than the foods own calorific value.

The more the calories you take the more you will gain weight and the less you take then it helps in reducing the weight. Ten % of our daily calorific intake is used to process and digest the food. So if we increase negative calorie foods and decrease the intake of calories and increasing the level of physical activity, it will result in weight loss.

A very good example is a piece of cake which contains 400 calories but also uses 150calories to digest it so you gain 250calories which turns to fat. On the other hand salad which contains 250calories requires 400calories to digest it completely you burn 150 calories simply eating a salad.

Similarly a fruit which contains 100 calories requires 200 calories to digest it as a result you burn 100 more
calories. Along with exercise it is essential that you include more negative calories foods in your diet as it will help in burning more fats. Negative calorie food should be consumed naturally without adding any ingredients as it would only counteract the foods negative calorie effect.


What you need to know about calorie shifting

A lot of debate is going about calorie shifting. It's one of the new approaches to burn stomach fat.

The method adopted in this system is to burn fat using the body’s metabolism. Gone are those days when you had to starve to lose water weight. Shifting calorie is an effective method of losing weight

Infact it has been found that starving leads to some harmful effects on the body. The rate of metabolism slows down as we starve to reduce our weight. As a result the process of gaining weight is also slowed down. The entire body goes into a protection mode.

Generally our diet consists of some constituents such as proteins, vitamins, minerals carbohydrates and fats. These are required by our body to build our body and to maintain it. When we starve the calorie burning process slows down. And fat supplies more calories.

This tricks the body to increase the metabolic process by increasing the baseline calorific value. On the contrary if we take more calories for about two or three days our body system would then recognize a high calorie state and speed up the process.

It is not necessary to cut down on our diet to reduce weight, infact you can have four meals a day with a low calorie diet, use good belly fat exercises ,and still reduce your weight effectively.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diets that claim to work quickly can be dangerous

When a diet loss program claims that weight can be lost instantly, beware there is a danger in it. Diet programs that brag that you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days are nothing but weight loss gimmicks.

These programs are false but people fall for them as often they have a celebrity or an athlete to approve these products. Keep in mind two things: if it sounds too to be true, then it probably may be and celebrities and athletes are only concerned with the money part and not with the false claims of the product. Examine all lose water weight programs not for the hype with which they are promoted but for their success.

But the matter of the fact is that you cannot lose weight safely overnight. The only way is that you eat fewer calories and try some belly fat exercises. The amount of calories burned and the quantity of calorie intake are the two most important ways by which you can lose weight. More muscles than fat are burned if you exercise and consume low calories. Crash diets fail to work because you tend to eat more to satisfy your hunger.

Wonder pills, no carbohydrate diets, etc. doesn’t work. The fastest way to lose weight is to exercise and to eat a healthy but a low fat diet.

Your diet should contain more of fibrous food, fruits and vegetables and less lf fried food. Avoid junk food and exercise everyday and eat more fish, skinless chicken, and extra lean ground beef.


Cool snacks for weight loss

Snacking as such does not enjoy a good status but it is really good and helpful if you are trying to lose water weight, but it should be done in the right way. By dividing your day into three meals or two snacks or five small meals a day will help to preserve enough energy, your blood sugar level will be even and the metabolic rate will be elevated.

If you eat the right snacks it will help to keep away form splurge eating as well as provide you with the right amount of calories. So here are some of the top ten snacks that will help you to burn stomach fat.

You could work on slicing an apple with 1 tablespoon of unsalted peanut butter. 2 oatcakes and 2 tablespoon of hummus will also work. You could also mix ½ cup plain low fat yogurt, 1 tablespoon honey and a banana to get some pounds knocked off. Chopped vegetables that include carrots, celery stalks, cauliflower and a French dressing also works for sure!

As you can see, none of these dishes take time in making. You can make all of them at your home, and it doesn’t cost you a lot either. So if you want to try out snacks try out one of these in between meals and see how you can ward off hunger pangs and help to reduce your weight and keep you fit and keep your energy levels high.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Acai better than Acaiburn?

Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are two very popular Acai Berry supplements. They go head-head in terms of comparisons of their features and popularity. Here is a quick snapshot comparison between the two supplements.

Effectiveness: Acai Extreme and Acai Burn, both contain Acai extracts. Any product that has Acai extract is considered to be popular for fastest way to lose weight, and this both the products do fully well.

The Acai extract has antioxidant properties that expedite the process of weight loss.

Results Speed: In terms of speed, Acaiburn scores over Acai Extreme. Acaiburn takes no longer than 3 days to give the initial results whereas Acai Extreme takes about a week. These time frames are outrageously acceptable, when you consider quite a few other products giving their first results in months in a row.

Ingredients: With natural appetite suppressants and energy boosters combining to form Acaiburn, you know for a fact that results with Acaiburn are just a matter of time.

Acai Extreme, on the other hand, has ingredients like magnesium, silicon etc. Now these ingredients hardly work to contribute weight loss at all. Maybe, this explains why Acai Extreme takes a bit longer in giving the first set of results.

Acaiburn and Acai Extreme, both are good products. But by now, you know which one of them works faster. With Acaiburn also having natural appetite suppressants, our vote goes to this product. All you got to do now is start reading more about Acai Burn.

You can get Acai Berry from these places

Apart from being celebrities, what is common in Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Rachael Ray! Well, they have endorsed Acai Berry. Just so you know – This is an Amazon fruit, which is also known as the wonder fruit. To say that this fruit deserves a red carpet welcome to the Hollywood, would thus be an understatement.

Coming to the point, Acai Berry is becoming very popular. Period. A lot of store owners are already going nuts on why this fruit is not on their list of items.

There is a reason why Acai is relatively unknown. It grows on the marshy areas of the Amazon. Deriving its nutrients from the fertile swamps of Amazon, Acai is considered to be a good bet for its anti-oxidant qualities.

The fact that this is considered to be the top of all fruits on earth for its anti-oxidant qualities, is testimonial enough for this fruit.

The fact that this fruit cannot be transported everywhere due to its fragile nature, means not all parts of the world are exposed to the advantages of this fruit.

Acai Berry is a seedy fruit, and this is a problem when it comes to importing it to the US mainland. US laws ban imports of any fruit that has seeds in them.

That said, if you visit the Internet, you will find a lot of places where you could find Acai Berry being sold. This really is the best place for you to buy Acai Berry.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Supplements you might want to add to your fitness plan

There are so many times in a day when you might not find either the time or even the place to sit down and have a quick grab. MRPs come to your rescue. And no we are not talking of Maximum Retail Price. MRP are Mixed Ready Powder. Mix it up with a liquid and you have RTD (Ready to Drink). Both these are wonderful supplements though MRP is still in powdered form, and adding it to liquid will give you some taste.

With a balance of carbs, proteins, and other essential ingredients for life, you would find MRP excellent value adds to your three simple meals. Pack this up in your gym bag or wherever you go, and you will always be benefited.

To get this done you would not need a lot of technical equipments at all. Simply put – You can do with some simple things mentioned here – Plain ice cold water, some fruits (The blueberries et al), and a shaker. That’s it really – It is just so simple!

Know about some brands as mentioned below, which you can use for this purpose.

· Lean Muscle Mass
· Labrada Lean Body Instant Breakfast
· Musclle Milk Collegiate RTD

Each of these brands are a power-packed combination of calories, protein, carbs, fiber. Consuming this regularly will surely pack a punch or two for your effort to lose water weight.

Drop the pounds the easy way

Losing weight has an option for you – You could either make it look rather complicated or on the other hand, ridiculously easy as well. The option is yours, but if you wish to lose thousands of calories without spending a lot of your effort, here are some frugal tips from me.

Fastest way to lose weight

1. Soups and salads

Taking salads is one of the most frugal ideas that allows you to cut of a lot of calories. I am not saying that you would need to have salads in your main course. Have them as a pre-meal item, and you will see the difference it makes to your calories.

The key is – A simple task should not be made to sound hard at all. Freshly cut vegetables must form a part of your salad. If you are indulging in soups, be sure not to have canned soups, as they work to increase your calorie count too.

2. Cut out all your liquid calories

There is a fine line between protein shakes, which are also known to be full of liquid proteins, and liquid carbs. No guessing which one you are supposed to stay away from – The liquid carbs are bad ingredients in causing a spurt in your calorie levels! Go for the liquid proteins and you are sure to reduce some calories.

Implement these 2 frugal techniques, and you will find how losing weight is not as difficult as scaling the Great Wall of China.

This, for a start needs to be done, if you wish to be on the right side of the weight scales. Else, you could stand up and say, “I was advised to eat more fruits and vegetables, but I am not able to do it” and so on. Really, at the end of the day results would be minimal.

What you need to know about lean body mass

Subtract the weight of fats from the body, and you get the lean body mass. Basically, the lean body mass has the weight of fluids, tendons, muscles and bones.

Men must have at least 2% of their body weight in fats, and women 10%. This is categorized as healthy. Though, it is good to be lean, having negligible lean body mass is not desirable at all.

Keep the calculation in mind for body fat percentage. A similar calculation you will find followed in the calculation of lean body mass.

All of this though starts by determining the Body Mass Index. The Body Mass Index is the first metric you need to find an answer to if you wish to know about the body fat percentage and lean body mass so that you can be on your way to the fastest way to lose weight.

The calculation of BMI is based on the formula as below

{Weight in Pounds}/{Inches}2 * 703.

The calculation of body fat percentage moves on the lines given below

Body fat percentage for women = {1.20 *BMI} + {0.23 * Age) – 5.4.
Body fat percentage for men = {1.20 *BMI} + {0.23 * Age) – 16,2.

The resultant number in either case will tell you more about your body fat percentage. Once you do this, it is about time for you to calculate the lean body mass for individuals.

The Body fat percentage you got from the earlier step needs to be multiplied with the weight of your body. The resultant number will tell you the amount of fats in pounds in your body.

Subtraction of this number from the total weight of the body will give you the lean body mass.

To summarize thus,

Amount of fats in pounds = {Body fat percentage} * Weight
Lean Body Mass = Weight – Amount of Fats