Monday, May 18, 2009

Be careful when you try extreme weight loss

People are getting desperate to lose water weight as soon as possible by taking extreme measures in weight loss. There are many weight loss programs that do recommend extreme diet plans to reduce about 10 to 20 pounds in just 30 days.

Sounds alarming, but its true! The extreme weight loss method given here is for informational purpose and you should consult your physician before adopting this extreme weight loss method.

“Apple Peel Diet” is one such weight loss program that helps in reducing weight drastically in just 1 month. But why apple peel? Well, apple peel contains a chemical that has the ability to clean out harmful toxins from your body which helps in losing weight. However, imagine eating only apple peels for a month! It’s quite difficult. But people have tried this out and been successful.

Some people have also tried out intensive exercise regime along with the Apple Peel Diet. So they were on a 500 calorie diet plus exercise, which resulted in drastic weight loss. But keep in mind that these are extreme measures and not very healthy for your body.

You cannot subject your body to such extreme methods without consulting a health expert.

But people who were determined to find the fastest way to lose weight quickly followed this method and have succeeded.

So this is one of the extreme weight loss secrets that you could try out if you really want to lose weight for your high school reunion party! But only after consulting your physician or a nutrition expert!



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