Thursday, May 14, 2009

What you need to know about calorie shifting

A lot of debate is going about calorie shifting. It's one of the new approaches to burn stomach fat.

The method adopted in this system is to burn fat using the body’s metabolism. Gone are those days when you had to starve to lose water weight. Shifting calorie is an effective method of losing weight

Infact it has been found that starving leads to some harmful effects on the body. The rate of metabolism slows down as we starve to reduce our weight. As a result the process of gaining weight is also slowed down. The entire body goes into a protection mode.

Generally our diet consists of some constituents such as proteins, vitamins, minerals carbohydrates and fats. These are required by our body to build our body and to maintain it. When we starve the calorie burning process slows down. And fat supplies more calories.

This tricks the body to increase the metabolic process by increasing the baseline calorific value. On the contrary if we take more calories for about two or three days our body system would then recognize a high calorie state and speed up the process.

It is not necessary to cut down on our diet to reduce weight, infact you can have four meals a day with a low calorie diet, use good belly fat exercises ,and still reduce your weight effectively.

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