Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drop the pounds the easy way

Losing weight has an option for you – You could either make it look rather complicated or on the other hand, ridiculously easy as well. The option is yours, but if you wish to lose thousands of calories without spending a lot of your effort, here are some frugal tips from me.

Fastest way to lose weight

1. Soups and salads

Taking salads is one of the most frugal ideas that allows you to cut of a lot of calories. I am not saying that you would need to have salads in your main course. Have them as a pre-meal item, and you will see the difference it makes to your calories.

The key is – A simple task should not be made to sound hard at all. Freshly cut vegetables must form a part of your salad. If you are indulging in soups, be sure not to have canned soups, as they work to increase your calorie count too.

2. Cut out all your liquid calories

There is a fine line between protein shakes, which are also known to be full of liquid proteins, and liquid carbs. No guessing which one you are supposed to stay away from – The liquid carbs are bad ingredients in causing a spurt in your calorie levels! Go for the liquid proteins and you are sure to reduce some calories.

Implement these 2 frugal techniques, and you will find how losing weight is not as difficult as scaling the Great Wall of China.

This, for a start needs to be done, if you wish to be on the right side of the weight scales. Else, you could stand up and say, “I was advised to eat more fruits and vegetables, but I am not able to do it” and so on. Really, at the end of the day results would be minimal.


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