Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's going on with negative calorie foods?

All the food that you eat during the day contain some or the other calories, but there are some that are considered as negative calorie foods because of their overall affect on the body. To start with these foods use more caloric energy to eat than what actually they contain. As it is difficult to break down and process the calories from these foods as a result the body has to work harder to digest them so burning more than the foods own calorific value.

The more the calories you take the more you will gain weight and the less you take then it helps in reducing the weight. Ten % of our daily calorific intake is used to process and digest the food. So if we increase negative calorie foods and decrease the intake of calories and increasing the level of physical activity, it will result in weight loss.

A very good example is a piece of cake which contains 400 calories but also uses 150calories to digest it so you gain 250calories which turns to fat. On the other hand salad which contains 250calories requires 400calories to digest it completely you burn 150 calories simply eating a salad.

Similarly a fruit which contains 100 calories requires 200 calories to digest it as a result you burn 100 more
calories. Along with exercise it is essential that you include more negative calories foods in your diet as it will help in burning more fats. Negative calorie food should be consumed naturally without adding any ingredients as it would only counteract the foods negative calorie effect.



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