Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You can get Acai Berry from these places

Apart from being celebrities, what is common in Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Rachael Ray! Well, they have endorsed Acai Berry. Just so you know – This is an Amazon fruit, which is also known as the wonder fruit. To say that this fruit deserves a red carpet welcome to the Hollywood, would thus be an understatement.

Coming to the point, Acai Berry is becoming very popular. Period. A lot of store owners are already going nuts on why this fruit is not on their list of items.

There is a reason why Acai is relatively unknown. It grows on the marshy areas of the Amazon. Deriving its nutrients from the fertile swamps of Amazon, Acai is considered to be a good bet for its anti-oxidant qualities.

The fact that this is considered to be the top of all fruits on earth for its anti-oxidant qualities, is testimonial enough for this fruit.

The fact that this fruit cannot be transported everywhere due to its fragile nature, means not all parts of the world are exposed to the advantages of this fruit.

Acai Berry is a seedy fruit, and this is a problem when it comes to importing it to the US mainland. US laws ban imports of any fruit that has seeds in them.

That said, if you visit the Internet, you will find a lot of places where you could find Acai Berry being sold. This really is the best place for you to buy Acai Berry.


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