Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Acai better than Acaiburn?

Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are two very popular Acai Berry supplements. They go head-head in terms of comparisons of their features and popularity. Here is a quick snapshot comparison between the two supplements.

Effectiveness: Acai Extreme and Acai Burn, both contain Acai extracts. Any product that has Acai extract is considered to be popular for fastest way to lose weight, and this both the products do fully well.

The Acai extract has antioxidant properties that expedite the process of weight loss.

Results Speed: In terms of speed, Acaiburn scores over Acai Extreme. Acaiburn takes no longer than 3 days to give the initial results whereas Acai Extreme takes about a week. These time frames are outrageously acceptable, when you consider quite a few other products giving their first results in months in a row.

Ingredients: With natural appetite suppressants and energy boosters combining to form Acaiburn, you know for a fact that results with Acaiburn are just a matter of time.

Acai Extreme, on the other hand, has ingredients like magnesium, silicon etc. Now these ingredients hardly work to contribute weight loss at all. Maybe, this explains why Acai Extreme takes a bit longer in giving the first set of results.

Acaiburn and Acai Extreme, both are good products. But by now, you know which one of them works faster. With Acaiburn also having natural appetite suppressants, our vote goes to this product. All you got to do now is start reading more about Acai Burn.


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