Sunday, May 10, 2009

Supplements you might want to add to your fitness plan

There are so many times in a day when you might not find either the time or even the place to sit down and have a quick grab. MRPs come to your rescue. And no we are not talking of Maximum Retail Price. MRP are Mixed Ready Powder. Mix it up with a liquid and you have RTD (Ready to Drink). Both these are wonderful supplements though MRP is still in powdered form, and adding it to liquid will give you some taste.

With a balance of carbs, proteins, and other essential ingredients for life, you would find MRP excellent value adds to your three simple meals. Pack this up in your gym bag or wherever you go, and you will always be benefited.

To get this done you would not need a lot of technical equipments at all. Simply put – You can do with some simple things mentioned here – Plain ice cold water, some fruits (The blueberries et al), and a shaker. That’s it really – It is just so simple!

Know about some brands as mentioned below, which you can use for this purpose.

· Lean Muscle Mass
· Labrada Lean Body Instant Breakfast
· Musclle Milk Collegiate RTD

Each of these brands are a power-packed combination of calories, protein, carbs, fiber. Consuming this regularly will surely pack a punch or two for your effort to lose water weight.


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