Friday, May 15, 2009

Can sit ups really help flatten your belly?

The most common belly fat exercises done for losing weight is sit-ups. There are different types of sit ups which work on specific abdominal muscles.

You can use addition al weight to do sit ups, as per your convenience. There is a common belief that one has to increase his sit up, if there is no weight loss.

But the truth is that sit ups do very little against weight. As per the studies conducted, sit ups helps in building the mid-section if the body and does very little weight loss.

To achieve the "washboard" abs professional have been working with sit-ups for a long time. They do help you build a great abdominal section of the body.

The common issue is that people who are fat cover their abs with fats.

A perfect "washboard" abs can be of no use if they are cover with a huge layer of fats. And a person with lean body needs to sit-ups as he already has nice looking abs.

Now sit-ups do increase the metabolism rate as there are muscles that are build up. And the amount of metabolism is directly propositional to the amount of fats burnt.

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