Friday, May 15, 2009

Surprising results when you compare acai extreme vs acai burn

Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are both weight loss supplements which contain the popular fruit extract of Acai Berry. This fruit is well-know for its antioxidant qualities which help in reducing weight. Both Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are almost similar when it comes to their features and popularity, but still have few differences.

· Effectiveness: Both the products contain Acai extracts and any product having Acai extracts are considered to be number one weight loss supplements. Both these products have ample amount of Acai extract which helps in expediting the weight loss process.

· Results: It terms of results and time-frame, Acai Burn is better than Acai extreme. Acai Burn takes only three days to show the initial results whereas Acai Extreme takes around a week. But when both these products are widely popular and far better than the other weight loss supplements as their results are anytime faster than any other products that take around a month to give the initial result.

· Ingredients: Acai Burn contains natural appetite suppressant and energy boosters which help in giving faster results than Acai Extreme. On the other hand, Acai Extreme includes magnesium and silicon which have not shown proven results for weight loss. That’s the reason why it takes longer to show the initial results.

Both Acai Extreme and Acai Burn are much better products that any other weight loss supplements in the market.

But with the comparison between the two, we now know which one is a better product for effective weight loss is.

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