Monday, April 27, 2009

Is your lean body mass out of control?

Subtract the weight of fats from the body, and you get the lean body mass. Basically, the lean body mass has the weight of fluids, tendons, muscles and bones.

Men must have at least 2% of their body weight in fats, and women 10%. This is categorized as healthy. Though, it is good to be lean, having negligible lean body mass is not desirable at all.

Keep the calculation in mind for body fat percentage. A similar calculation you will find followed in the calculation of lean body mass.

All of this though starts by determining the Body Mass Index. The Body Mass Index is the first metric you need to find an answer to if you wish to know about the body fat percentage and lean body mass.

The calculation of BMI is based on the formula as below

{Weight in Pounds}/{Inches}2 * 703.

The calculation of body fat percentage moves on the lines given below

Body fat percentage for women = {1.20 *BMI} + {0.23 * Age) – 5.4.
Body fat percentage for men = {1.20 *BMI} + {0.23 * Age) – 16,2.

The resultant number in either case will tell you more about your body fat percentage. Once you do this, it is about time for you to calculate the lean body mass for individuals.

The Body fat percentage you got from the earlier step needs to be multiplied with the weight of your body. The resultant number will tell you the amount of fats in pounds in your body.

Subtraction of this number from the total weight of the body will give you the lean body mass.

To summarize,

Amount of fats in pounds = {Body fat percentage} * Weight
Lean Body Mass = Weight – Amount of Fats


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